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Get introduced to ForteWEB with the basic tutorial video below. Expand your knowledge with a more advanced overview in the second video.

Trus Joist Technical Webinar Recordings

Explore our library of 30 minute webinar recordings on various technical topics below.

These sessions have a Javelin and Stellar focus. 每次30分钟. Please select a topic below to view the recording.

Listed below is our series of Javelin instructor-led classes. Each session lasts 1 to 2 hours.  请寄给可靠的网堵平台 电子邮件 to be enrolled in any of the sessions below.


上课日期: February 14, April 11, June 13, August 8, October 10, December 5 | 时间: 第四节点东

描述:  An overview of Javelin’s capabilities with a focus on Reviewing, 操纵, and Outputs for an existing job.  Class will manipulate one of the Sample Jobs that come standard with a Javelin installation.  在会话结束时, students will be able to open a Javelin file, open and print a Layout Sheet, 成员报告(钙), 材料清单.  They will also be able to navigate the Job Tree, Visibilities, select Objects, and change Properties.  Minor inputs, editing, and revisions will also be included. 

目标受众:  Part-Time or 开始标枪用户, Managers, Engineers, Sales, Administration. 



上课日期: February 14, April 11, June 13, August 8, October 10, December 5 | 时间: 2-3:30点东

课程描述:  This course is focused on the various forms of Javelin output.  It covers tools for cleaning, de-cluttering, and emphasizing a Javelin layout.  We also cover various outputs for 材料清单s for quoting, 订购, importing to Point of Sale or Stellar systems.

目标受众:  Full-Time or 兼职标枪 users



上课日期: February 15, April 12, June 14, August 9, October 11, December 6 | 时间: 12点东

描述: An introduction to modeling in Javelin.  Basic input commands to model a first-floor framing system 没有 设计.  Instructor will model “Exercise 1” specify geometry-only hangers, 用户输入负载, 汽车车架, Create 材料清单s and Layout Sheet.

目标受众:  开始标枪用户 



上课日期: February 16, April 13, June 15, August 10, October 12, December 7 | 时间: 12点东

描述:  Intermediate modeling and editing in Javelin, multiple levels and more complex modeling concepts.  Also includes creating Loads for use with Design.  A more interactive session, students will be asked to perform tasks during the class session.

目标受众:  Beginning to Intermediate Javelin users.



上课日期: February 17, April 14, June 16, August 11, October 13, December 8 | 时间: 12点东

课程描述:  A detailed look at the Design panel, errors that can occur during the Design process, 解决这些错误, 警告和解释.  Students will also learn how to interpret product failures and member reports after completing 设计.  Connectors will also be reviewed.

目标受众:  全职标枪用户, Engineers using Javelin for 设计 review. 




上课日期: February 18, April 15, June 17, August 12, October 14, December 9 | 时间: 12点东

课程描述:  The topics covered in this course vary with each session.  A 设计er may encounter these topics frequently or not at all – depending on the needs of their market.  Sample topics include: Tall Wall Modeling, 屋顶加载工具, 屋顶建模工具, 选项, Job Pack地板系统.

目标受众:  全职标枪用户.