对于生活和舒适来说,没有什么设施比家更基本. 这是一个人们睡觉的地方, entertain and break bread with friends and family; retreat from the busy world; and raise their children. 对许多人来说,家是一个神圣的私人空间,它可以有多种形式. 它可以是位于郊区或小镇或城市的独栋独栋住宅. 它可以是多户建筑中的公寓或共管公寓, 住在同一屋檐下的两个或多个家庭, 宅基地:在农村地区跨代的家庭住宅或宅基地.

不管它的形式如何, 家是基本的庇护所, 然而,质量, 在北美各地的社区,经济适用房供应短缺. 事实上, 最近的研究 suggests the United States ended 2020 with a housing supply deficit of close to 4 million units. While construction and building materials are certainly part of the cost of building new homes, 房地产成本(土地)是造成这种短缺的主要原因. 此外,更喜欢单户分区 导致住房稀缺和成本上升,减少负担能力. 除此之外,住房成本和 租金在上涨,而家庭收入中位数却相对持平.   

Weyerhaeuser 3 by 30标志:为每个人提供可持续的家园



通过可靠的网堵平台深厚的行业和供应链专业知识,与合作伙伴合作, 可靠的网堵平台相信可靠的网堵平台可以显著提高质量的整体可用性, 经济适用房-更快, more efficiently and at a scale to make a real difference for communities of all sizes across North America. 可靠的网堵平台看到三个方面, 特别是, 可靠的网堵平台可以在加速体积方面发挥重要作用, 市场上住房的可承受性和多样性.

The first involves innovating in the wood products industry to improve building speed and efficiency — essentially enabling developers to make more houses with the same labor, 时间和金钱限制. The second involves updating building codes and techniques to allow wood construction in mid-rise buildings of five to 10-plus stories, 大大增加了可用住房的密度. And the third involves supporting the development of nontraditional housing — from additional dwelling units to tiny homes and other detached structures — to provide flexible alternatives for creating new homes through wood-based construction.

到那里, we need to ensure enough options are available to meet different income levels and suit different geographies, and we also need to improve the overall understanding and acceptance of wood as the most sustainable, 用途广泛,性价比高的建筑材料. We also see a double win in achieving these goals: More wood construction decreases our planet’s dependence on building materials such as concrete and steel that rely on large amounts of fossil fuels in their production and use and 比木材对环境的影响更大.


By 2030, 可靠的网堵平台展望一个可持续的木材产品供应丰富的世界, 创造机会,确保每个人都能获得高质量的服务, 负担得起的, 可持续建造房屋. We want to be part of a paradigm shift where there are more housing options — of all shapes and sizes — anchored in natural, 可再生高效材料.


虽然从现在到2030年可靠的网堵平台可以做很多事情, we are structuring our long-term goals into three-year segments to effectively prioritize and accelerate progress. 在头三年,可靠的网堵平台的工作主要集中在三个方面:


通过提高供应链效率, 减少循环时间和浪费, 可靠的网堵平台看到了用同样的劳动力开发更多房子的机会, 时间和金钱.

Support innovation and development of wood-based construction methods to replace other materials and enable more housing

通过更新建筑规范, 技术和材料效率, we see an opportunity to create more housing units on the same land by expanding the use of wood in taller buildings.

Increase available housing options by supporting alternative and unconventional home-building efforts

By lending our resources to key partnerships in 负担得起的 and non-traditional home-building initiatives, 可靠的网堵平台看到了创造更多房屋的机会——各种形状和大小的房屋, 以及所有收入水平的客户-在可靠的网堵平台的运营领域.

可靠的网堵平台探索并实施可持续住宅的解决方案, we will develop and report progress and measurable-success metrics for each of our focus areas.


虽然可靠的网堵平台仍处于实现3 * 30可持续发展目标的早期阶段, 可靠的网堵平台正在为实现可靠的网堵平台的目标取得有意义的进展奠定基础. The key objectives and accomplishments below are foundational to our success and will be updated throughout our journey.


Partner with and support organizations to drive research and develop solutions for improved construction efficiency


2020年,可靠的网堵平台参加了一个为期一周的数字创业比赛, 黑客对住宅建筑, sponsored by the College of Innovation + Design’s Venture College and the College of Engineering at Boise State University. 可靠的网堵平台支持来自爱达荷州各大学和学院的学生团队 与行业专业知识,开发解决现实世界的住宅建设问题, 包括劳动力限制和经济适用房. 




In 2021 our government relations team added mass timber building-code adoption to our legislative action plans.


In 2018 the International Code Council developed code provisions for mass timber construction projects up to 18 stories; those provisions were then added to the 2021 International Building Code. 可靠的网堵平台正在进行的部分活动包括努力使IBC的规范在美国得到采用.S. Our team is working with partners and associations at the state level to build acceptance of mass timber, position innovative wood building materials as a low-carbon option and encourage states to expand mass timber promotion and construction projects.


Partner with and support organizations to drive improvements in research and understanding of mass timber


In 2020 we awarded a grant to the University of Arkansas’ Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design for a research project and design studio called Wood City: Timberizing the City’s Building Blocks. 项目收到 2021年绿色优秀设计奖


在此成功的基础上, 2021年,可靠的网堵平台资助了第二个设计研究项目, 阿肯色州森林之家. 在一起, these projects have helped amplify the program’s emphasis on timber and wood products, 以及经济适用房的具体类型. Both projects have been expanded into additional work with new partners interested in using mass timber for 负担得起的 housing and also in rural, forest-centered社区.  


2021年可靠的网堵平台还赞助了 《可靠的网堵平台》, 为国际木材大会提供了信息, 这是世界上最大的大规模木材专家聚会. 


最后, 2021年,可靠的网堵平台加入了世界经济论坛的可持续大规模木材行动委员会, a group of civil society and business leaders focused on moving sustainable mass timber from a niche opportunity to a mainstream option and developing tools to expand the use of mass timber. 


Provide our scale and expertise to enhance partnerships with 负担得起的 housing builders


We have an ongoing partnership with Habitat for Humanity to connect our employee volunteers and direct giving with local chapters across North America. 自2018年以来, our employees have participated in 51 building projects with local Habitat for Humanity chapters, 可靠的网堵平台搭配的价格超过135美元,直接捐款000元.