Priorities can change, but values never waver — that’s why safety is a core value at Weyerhaeuser. For us, that means safety is a constant guide for how we make decisions. It means that no matter what we are doing — completing a daily task, 启动一个新项目, 或者在可靠的网堵平台开始之前解决一个具有挑战性的问题, 可靠的网堵平台总是问:可靠的网堵平台如何才能安全地做到这一点? It also means that no matter how pressing a production or financial goal might be, 可靠的网堵平台绝不会为了达到这个目标而牺牲安全. 在可靠的网堵平台所做的一切事情中,安全真的是第一位的.  

This value is rooted in the belief that all safety incidents are preventable, 工作中不受伤是可能的. 因为可靠的网堵平台的工作有风险, all our facilities and operations use proven tools and systems to identify hazards, 降低风险, learn from incidents when they do occur and inspire our people to always make the safe choice — every task, 每一次.   


可靠的网堵平台的行动中,你所到之处, our safety vision hangs on walls as a reminder that injury-free is possible. 

可靠的网堵平台的 leaders hold themselves and others accountable for demonstrating caring, 安全行为和纠正危险条件.  

可靠的网堵平台的员工都很敬业, empowered to intervene when they see unsafe conditions or behaviors, and committed to sharing responsibility and accountability for safety.  

We use a common set of proven tools to manage safety effectively, 专注于管理可靠的网堵平台的最高风险.  


To ensure our safety system is consistent and effective, we equip leaders and employees with a safety toolkit that includes:  

  • 可靠的网堵平台的安全愿景  
  • 个人安全保证文件  
  • 可靠的网堵平台公司的安全标准  
  • 可靠的网堵平台的基于风险的年度安全计划模板  
  • weyerhaeuser开发的风险评估工具  
  • 可靠的网堵平台的 健康及安全政策 和安全标准  
  • 可靠的网堵平台的 audit process for assessing regulatory compliance and driving continuous improvement of our safety management system  
  • 可靠的网堵平台的 standard process for reporting and investigating incidents  
  • 可靠的网堵平台的在线事件跟踪工具  
  • 对所有员工进行在线培训  

We also understand that, to prevent injury, we must learn from our safety incidents and 近距离脱靶. 可靠的网堵平台要求报告所有事件, recorded and investigated according to defined processes based on the type and severity of the incident. Causes must be identified, and action taken to prevent reoccurrence. We collect and analyze information about work-related injuries and illness, 环境事件, 近距离脱靶, 风险的观察, 财产损失, 火灾/爆炸 和车辆事件. And, most importantly, we regularly communicate what we’ve learned to all employees.  


For many years we were focused on reducing our recordable incident rate, and we are proud to have achieved and maintained industry-leading performance using that metric. But even with a low RIR, some of the injuries we still experience — while few — are very serious. 对可靠的网堵平台来说,这是不可接受的.  

可靠的网堵平台的安全性能再上一个台阶, we have de-emphasized our focus on tracking all recordable incidents and intensified our focus on eliminating the most serious injuries from our workplace. Every year we refresh and implement risk-based safety plans in all our operations, 其中包括预防性安全目标, 如危害识别和纠正. We also share the details of any serious and potentially serious injuries we experience so we can better learn from those incidents and keep our highest-risk areas top of mind for all employees.  

当然,可靠的网堵平台的目标是完全不受伤. We know that’s possible because most of our facilities already operate injury-free on a rolling 12-month basis. 可靠的网堵平台定期审查安全事故, risk-identification reports and “near-miss” incidents and apply key learnings across our organization. 可靠的网堵平台的 efforts have resulted in a significant and sustained reduction in the number and severity of recordable injuries. 这包括可靠的网堵平台的可记录事故率的下降, which is the number of Occupational 安全 and Health Administration-defined recordable injuries and illnesses that occur in 100 workers working in one year, 从1990年的10到1.76 in 2021. We remain relentlessly focused on achieving our goal of creating an injury-free workplace. 

可靠的网堵平台的 employees share what safety means to them in their day-to-day work.



The nature of our business requires that we often use contractors to complete various types of work.  

We have long required the companies we work with to have effective contractor safety programs in place. 可靠的网堵平台采取协作, 以价值为基础的方法, 以可靠的网堵平台的安全愿景为指导, and with an emphasis on encouraging preventive behaviors, managing high-risk areas and ensuring appropriate oversight of contractor safety programs. 可靠的网堵平台的方法包括:  

  • 基于风险的安全计划 developed by the contractors that focus on recognizing and mitigating serious hazards.  
  • 成对的领导访问 where our leaders join contractors on job sites to observe their crews in action. They talk about shared values, strengths and opportunities for improvement.